Palatinate wine

The palatinate wine growing region is easily accessible via german Autobahn, Bundesstrassen and Landesstrassen.

The german Autobahn as a constitution of fast lane traffic organisation does not need any translation. Generally having no speed limit you can drive as fast as the driver thinks the traffic situation is safe, what - in fact - isn`t the case when driving faster than about 130 km/h, but, if you drive 230 (or 320) on a lane without speed limit is not generally forbidden.

Ask your doctor, pharmacist, fire fighter or ambulanceman for undesirable side effects.


Being a country that adores Autobahnen - remember hat Adolf Hitler (kind of) "invented" this kind of babylonic fence system - it is not very surprising that the Autobahn system is never ever perfectly finished. Each Autobahn needs another Autobahn, that needs bridges and tunnels and a whole system of connecting roads, crossovers, overpasses etc.

Knowing that fact it is not very surprising that the minister (of the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate) of agriculture is also responsible for viniculture - and traffic. His excellence surely knows a lot of these activities cause he is an attorney.

Needless to say that the more streets are in an area the more exhaust fumes are exposed and set out in an area and enriched in soils. But that is just another part of poison gaining access into the food chain.

Also ask your doctor about that undesirable side effects.